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"Shampoo not know. Our husband is strange, no?" said Shampoo, continuing to gently knead the muscles of Akane's shoulders.

Akane gave a tiny moan of bliss. She was still wary of the Amazon's motives behind the sudden change of behaviour - but the massage simply felt too good to stop her. She might have overcome this reluctance, had she known how closely Shampoo's plans for the continuation of this massage matched the manga that Ranma had read. For now, though, she simply basked in the feelings of relaxation that Shampoo's deft fingers coaxed from her tense muscles.

Shampoo, for her part, also enjoyed the backrub she was giving her co-wife. Akane was well-muscled, but still shapely, so the massage was a very nice excuse to run her hands over Akane's body. She planned to let them roam quite a bit further than just over Akane's neck and shoulders.

She was more certain than ever that Akane would make a fine Amazon. She had been quite surprised how well Akane held her own against Mousse, who had given even Ranma trouble on occasion. Of course, if Mousse hadn't kept saying those things that Shampoo didn't understand, but which got Akane angry, then Akane would not have been able to use the Fist of Righteous Female Fury, and Mousse might have won - but that she managed to hold off a weapons user bare-handed this long was quite impressive. Now that she no longer viewed Akane as an obstacle, but as a future partner, she could appreciate the girl's tenacity and skill. With some training she could be among the top Amazons of her generation, like Shampoo herself.

She just needed a little more convincing. Shampoo let one of her hands stray down Akane's back and trail back up sensually along her side. Akane made no protestation, and Shampoo smiled. Time to take this one step further.

Meanwhile Ranma desperately tried to shake the naughty thoughts about Akane and Shampoo. And Ukyou. And Kodachi. And his own female side. Aaugh!

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