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"They told me you died, but I didn't believe them. I could still feel my bond to you." That monotone was grating on Harry's ears, and he was inwardly begging for her to just yell at him already, to end the suffering. But he couldn't deny he felt responsible for the woman's plight, and so stood his ground. "But you never came for me. You never looked for me.

"I searched everywhere for you for a year. I travelled the world looking for you. Chasing rumors of where the Jade Shadow had been, talking with people he'd rescued. But no one knew where you came from." Harry flinched. He remembered hearing some of his commanders talking about a person that had been looking for him, but they'd been concerned it was someone out for revenge. He'd agreed back then, considering the number of enemies he'd made, so never pursued it. He hadn't even realized that the unknown person had stopped after some time.

"After that year, I couldn't take the pain any longer." She held a hand to her heart, or as close as she could get to her heart due to her ample bust. "I volunteered to be experimented on. They said they could take it from me, so I let them. And they did. With Yume-san dead and you gone, I had nothing left except the pain." She pulled out a pin from her hair, and with a twist, pulled it apart. That revealed a blade, slim as a letter opener, but sharp enough to cut through bone. He sensed Gabby and Musu-Yume stiffen at that, and them taking a step forward. He held out a hand to stop them, not turning his eyes from the woman.

After looking at both women, and meeting Harry's eyes, she pulled the blade across her wrist without hesitation. There was no flinching of any sort: no twitching of muscle, no wince, not even a dilation of the eyes. Nothing. "And now, I don't even have that." She pulled out a kerchief from her bosom and wiped away the blood. With another wave of her hand, a small icicle was covering the wound. She put the pin back together and returned it to her hair. "I feel no emotion. I feel no bond. I feel nothing" she monotoned, clasping her hands together. "I am broken, but I feel nothing. The anguish of losing you was taken from me."

"You sacrificed the bond to your Ashikabi to become an emotionless shell?" Kagari asked in disbelief. Over the years he'd encountered the woman numerous times, and her lack of emotion towards anything had perplexed him more than once. He'd tried to befriend her, as they'd both been experimented on, but the woman had been unresponsive. Now he knew why.

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