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“Impressive, Twilight; well done. But why are you here, then?”

Returning to the reason she came here, Twilight brought the paper stack into view, shuffling a few as she levitated them over. “Because now that I’ve finished categorizing them, I have to double check to ensure each document was categorized into their proper category.”

Despite hundreds of years of accumulated knowledge and experience, it took Celestia’s wise mind a few moments to deduce where Twilight was going with this.

Which is why when she finally did, she immediately gulped as Twilight turned to her. “And being that you’re the one who signed them, Princess, I believe you deserve to be there to look at each one with me. With the two of us working together, we should be finished at about... four I think.”

What Twilight saw as a privilege, Celestia and Luna saw as a nightmare. However, they did their best to mask their horror, especially Celestia.

“Um… Twilight?” she asked trying to divert the conversation. “Don’t you think its time you sent that letter to your friends?”

“Letter?” Twilight asked before piecing together what she forgot. “My letter!”

How could she forget? Probably because she didn’t have her number one assistant there to create her daily checklist, the same assistant who by now was probably getting ready for his bedtime, so she needed to hurry.

“I can’t believe I forgot to write it! Thank you so much, Celestia!” After excusing herself, Twilight galloped off.

Sure that her sister’s student was out of earshot, Luna turned to Celestia. “Sister, although Twilight is wise a student and a loyal friend, I do find her to be a little… peculiar.”

“Peculiar?” Celestia repeated with shock. “Why whatever do you mean?” Sure, Twilight was a bit too orderly and she did tend to overstress, but peculiar? It seemed a little harsh.

“I’m back,” Twilight called as she returned, letter in hand, or magic in this case.

Taking the letter from Twilight, Celestia looked with slight awe at the well-written letter. “You wrote this just now?”

“Mm hmm.” Twilight replied with a smile along with a nod. “Doubled checked it and everything.”

Thinking about it now, maybe her sister wasn’t too far off.

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