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"Miss Granger, It's commonly understood at Hogwarts that you've used a love potion to snare Lord Harry for his wealth, station and notoriety. Do you have any comment?"

Quick as a snake, four things happened. First, Remus grabbed Hermione's arm to keep her silent. At the same time Harry bounded off the couch with an inarticulate cry of protest. Last of all, Lily and James stood. As Sirius calmed Harry, James quietly left the room.

"That's enough of that!" Lily spat. "You'll leave her be!" Turning away from the startled reporter, Lily walked over to Remus and Hermione.

Lily caught Hermione's gaze. Remus could see reassurance in the redheaded witch's expression. None present believed any of the tripe spewed by the rumour monger and Lily wanted to reassure the teenage witch that she was not doubted in any way.

Strangely, Rita stood in the middle of the room being completely ignored by all. Presently, James returned with Barnabas Cuffe in tow. The sweating, paunchy and balding editor of the Prophet didn't appear very pleased.

"Come, we're leaving," James announced.

"But my Lord," Rita protested.

Ignoring the woman, James shepherded a still fuming Harry and Hermione to the fireplace. When they disappeared in the green flames, James ushered Lily into the fire. When she was gone, James turned back to face their crass interviewer. Remus winced when he saw James' expression.

"Ms Skeeter," he spat. "You have officially killed the goose that lays the golden eggs. You shall never have access to me or mine ever again. Not my son, my wife or myself." Turning to the editor, he glared, "Barnabas, you shall never have an on the record comment from Richmond." Turning to the fireplace, James muttered, "Oh yes." Turning back to the editor, James scowled, "Expect your stock to plummet tomorrow as I power sell half of my shares in Daily Prophet Publishing Incorporated. I believe I'll sell at one tenth its current value." The follow up threat was plain. James still would hold over ten percent of the corporation even after selling off another ten percent at a drastic loss causing the stock price to plummet.

Cuffe really paled now. Remus was no business expert, but even he knew that by James' undercutting their stock like this, the Publishers were sure to have Cuffe's neck. Probably Rita's too.

"Goodbye. It wasn't a pleasure doing business with you." Remus was last to leave, so he saw Cuffe flop down on the sofa, holding his head in his hands. Rita, however, was eyeing the fireplace with a contemplative expression. Never a good thing for that woman.

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