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" Ah, youthful innocence. It really seems like I've stayed too long in this world." Dumbledore sighed, smilingly saying such morbid things really proved his age. " Neville, I must ask your forgiveness in yet another matter. I doubted your young heart that wanted to help this school and, at one point, even thought you were working for the Dark Lord."

Hannah gasped as she did in the meeting last time, but Su was here to support her. Draco snapped his head round to Neville and stared, regretfully it was in amazement, as if it was really true. Neville was also surprised himself, but it was understandable for Dumbledore to be cautious since Hogwarts was currently guarding the Philosopher's Stone.

" Of course, that was until you said his name aloud in front of everyone, as his servants never dared. But I still had my suspicions…" Dumbledore looked towards the ceiling as if he could see his memories there. " You see, many years ago, I had taught a student at Hogwarts. An exceptional student, not unlike what I've heard from Professor McGonagall and Professor Flitwick about you Neville. But unfortunately, he had been swayed astray from the correct path… And he had committed great crimes to the wizarding world."

Neville realised Dumbledore was talking about Tom Riddle and Neville's facial reactions said it all. Dumbledore saw his face and laughed heartedly. " Yes, I foolishly thought Neville might follow in his footsteps and extreme ideals. Wrongly so of course. The mistrust of others piled by age had made me commit such an offence. To think! Haha… Gillyweed to the Philosopher Stone! Haha…"

Dumbledore trailed off as he was overcome with laughter to the confusion of the other three. Neville started to get quite alarmed again. Dumbledore first suspected ME to work for Voldemort and steal the Stone! Then thought I was getting the Stone for myself! How did he reach such conclusions?

Neville thought back to everything he had done that looked suspicious. Yes, Dumbledore said I performed well in class, but if that was the reason, Hermione would have been burnt at the stake by now. Oh! Sitting with the Slytherins? That's it! To sit with another table for meals was quite unusual, so Dumbledore thought I wanted to be a Slytherin… since I'm Pureblood… Oh, the committee members. That's why he wanted me to get another member. Draco and me were both Pureblood, and that stinking name of the Malfoys said enough. No wonder he kept studying Hannah last time – she looked so weak, with us two being President and Vice, she would practically be a dominated side-dish in the executives. Dumbledore had thought I was going to recruit a new band of Death Eaters with this club! Oh my God! That old man expected WAY too much out of me!

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