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Dumbledore was also careful to avoid mirrors, having eliminated the ones that once hung as vampire deterrent around the halls of Hogwarts and other places he'd frequented, because the original explanation for vampires having no reflection was they had no soul, and he was not far removed from that state himself. Any reflection he cast was thin and wispy, as reduced as his soul was, and frankly he didn't enjoy other people having that information, as it drew out curiosity and led to all sorts of awkward situations as he'd eventually have to kill them for asking uncomfortable questions.

The only exception seemed to be the Mirror of Erised, but the magic of that device was based entirely around something else. It even stated on its frame that it showed not the reflection, but your desires. One of the few things Albus still desired was a way to disguise his lack of a normal reflection, as it was one of the few telltales that he wasn't just a kindly old grandfather.

Another weakness of having virtually no soul is a tendency to lose all ability to relate to others on a personal basis. To someone without a whole soul, other people are merely objects, unworthy of consideration. Social skills rot when empathy is gone. Without his drama coaching, Dumbledore would swiftly make Snape seem warm, tender and caring.

And, unluckily for him, he'd lost his drama coaches.

Partially Kissed Hero, Chapter 88

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