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"Hinata? Sakura? You two stay," said Tsunade as the others began leaving.

Hinata and Sakura glanced at each other, uncertain.

"Hinata?" asked Tsunade as the door closed behind Shikamaru. "What do you KNOW about Naruto?"

"Well, that is, I-" began an increasingly nervous Hinata.

"I know you've watched him for years," said Tsunade. "I think everyone in the village, with the possible exception of your father, knows how you feel about him."

"Ano-" said Hinata, fidgeting with her fingers.

"Do you know about IT?" asked Tsunade, sitting back at her desk.

"Yes," mumbled Hinata. "I saw it. I didn't intend to."

"Eh?" asked Sakura, not knowing at all what they were talking about.

"So you saw IT?" pressed Tsunade. "And you like Naruto despite this?"

"There's nothing wrong with it," quickly said Hinata, moving to defensive. "He's actually larger in that regard than most of... oh dear."

Sakura's eyes went huge.

Tsunade groaned and one hand went to her temple. "Not THAT 'it' Hinata."

"Oh," said a relieved Hinata, who'd been afraid they were going to have THAT talk.

"This is all an S-Class secret, not to be talked of openly," said Tsunade.

"Naruto's... an S-Class secret?" asked Sakura, still a little freaked.

"I said, not THAT 'it,'" repeated Tsunade. Sex-obsessed kunoichi. Yeesh. Hmmm. Maybe ought to have Anko give the two THAT talk. That ought to freak out both of them enough that neither would explore the subject further for awhile. She'd heard Kurenai avoiding one of her own genin due to that little orange book and certain questions.

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