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"This is WWRX, your prescription for music in the cold night. I am Holly Evans and that was 'Back in Black' by AC/DC. Further DJ duties for the rest of our first hour back on the air will be filled by loquacious Lee Jordan, as I've used up my quota of words I'm willing to share with you lot. Fred and George Weasley will no doubt return to broadcasting as soon as they figure out where I hid their tongues. Volley to you, gentlemen. (Now, that was an unkind gesture...)"

"Ever a pleasure, Holly! I'd like to also thank you for keeping those Slytherin House point totals to near zero for the first month of the term."

"That wasn't on purpose, Lee. My Housemates and I are in the midst of an ideological debate. I'm not trying to ruin Slytherin and I don't ignore all rules out of hand. Just the dumb ones. Which reminds me; for those in my own House that are hearing this broadcast with friends from across the aisle, we'll be selling more Weasley Wireless boxes through any red-haired troublemaker you can contact for... what are they now?"

"Three Galleons. Price went up since we've moved beyond the charity market."

"Hmm, I sense a subtle Slytherin influence in this price hike. As in you're assuming they can afford to pay it. Any more news?"

"I'm happy to report that Fabulous Fred and Genius George have extended our signal into Hogsmeade where fine proprietors such as Madame Rosmerta at the Three Broomsticks; Mr. Zonko; the grouchy old goat at the Hog's Head; and the decent folks at Honeyduke's Sweet Shop have all installed receivers for the pleasure of their visitors."

"Not to mention the advertising you just gave them..."

"Amen, sister! We're in it for the fun but certainly don't mind the financial incentives!"

"Yah. You probably don't want to emphasize that too often, Lee."

"Right. Let's play some music. What do we have queued, Hols?"

"Uhh, hold on. (Damnit Peeves! You can't play polkas until Sunday! Learn to play the accordion yourself if you like it so much!)
Holly Evans and the Spiral Path, Chapter 40

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