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Kei smiled, slyly, to herself. "Let us just say that I have empirical evidence that Kaworu is not gay."

"You mean..." Mari blinked, and grinned back. "Oh, well done. So, how far did you get with him? Enquiring minds want to find out what that family's li..." she began, before she paused, and frowned. "... wait a moment," she said, raising a hand. "Do... do you hear a buzzing?"

Kei nodded. "Yes. It is coming from..." she glanced down the corridor, "... that way. It almost sounds like..."

"Bees! Oh God, why!" screamed Lieutenant Aoba, as one of the doors slammed open, and he sprinted out, bouncing straight off the wall in front of him. With impressive alacrity, he rolled to his feet, and set off in a frantic run away from the girls. Pursued by a billiard-ball sized wormhole, spewing a cloud of insects from the rip in spacetime.

: D

"Get away from me! Arrrrrrrrgh!"

The chase scene disappeared around a corner, and Kei raised her eyebrows.

Not very much.

This was NERV, after all.

"Lilly got into the Geofront apiary while you were in New Vegas," Mari explained, with a shrug, one hand going to her covered throat. "That wouldn't be a problem, but... um, I get the feeling off her that she likes the feeling of having bees in her. The closest approximation I can give is that they... tickle. And then Maya tried to teach her to use them to pollinate the flowers in the Geofront, and then Lilly found that people are funny when they run away from her bees, and, well..."

"So, pretty normal then?"

"Pretty much." The glassed girl sighed. "I just hope she doesn't end up with a bee-hive inside her. I hate to think what the honey from them would be... you're taking notes, aren't you!" she accused.

"No," Kei denied, sticking the PDA back in her pocket, where the text 'Effects of extended Dirac Sea immersion on lifeforms? Investigate.' had already been written. "Are you busy?" the girl asked, trying to change the topic.

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