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Moments later, he moved the razor to shave the area of his jaw below his right ear and once again cut himself badly. This time the slice bled profusely and showed little signs of abating. He uttered a small curse under his breath. To stop the blood flow, he reached down for a wad of toilet paper from the dispenser below and beside the bomb site toilet. The left side of his face heals instantly, but the right side doesn't? Was he as lopsided as his eyeballs, wrists, and his thought processes? He frowned down at the razor. No, dummy, he admonished himself, it was his skin that was acting strangely, not the razor. Without thinking further, he sliced the razor across the tip of his left forefinger. The resulting cut healed instantly. A similar slice across his right forefinger tip simply bled.

Okay, now I'm getting somewhere, he realized as he once again stared at the different sized pupils of his blue eyes in the mirror. Lets see, he had been shaving right handed. That meant the right side of his brain controlled the left side of the body and vice versa, right? His right pupil appeared normal size, but his left was much bigger from his concussion. Since the right side of his body wasn't healing as quick as the left, and assuming instant healing was supposed to be another mutant talent for his whole inhuman body, then he was partially left brain damaged. The speech center lies in the parietal lobe of the left hemisphere in the brain for right-handed people so it was little wonder he was having trouble talking. Well, that was as good as theory as any, and only time would tell, but once again how was he able to simply pull scientific facts out of his mind without conscious thought? Was he some kind of science professor when he wasn't assassinating folks?

He stared down at his right forefinger to see that it was in fact healing, albeit much more slowly. He watched in fascination as it took several minutes for the cut to finally close without any trace of damage. The cut below his jaw had also healed without a trace. Could he then assume that the left side of his brain was also healing from the trauma of his fall, just at a much slower rate than whatever damage the right lobe had suffered at the same time? Then could he also assume that maybe this damnable headache would eventually cease, his cognitive functions as well as his memory would begin to operate more normally, and he would eventually be capable of coherent speech again? It sounded logical enough.

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