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The four adults were seated in Charles Xavier's office; the professor was behind his desk. Mr. Saotome, he began, after I made the decision to bring in Ranma as a student and hire you to help out Mr Logan, I began to check for Ranma's school records. And I found out some rather interesting things, he reach for the desktop computer and turned the screen to face the others, about you.

Genma squirmed as Logan and Ororo got up and stared at the screen. “Professor,” asked Ororo, “are you sure you want such a man working here?”

“You're one to talk,” said Logan. “You spent most of your childhood as a thief on the streets of Cairo. And I've done stuff I aint too proud of either.”

They turned back to look at Genma-and saw a panda on his back playing with a beach ball. Logan crossed his arms. “He sure knows how to evade a question.”

Mr Saotome. The panda stood up and looked at the professor. Your offenses were minor; and as Logan has said both he and Ms. Munro have less than admirable pasts. So you can continue to stay here. Genma-panda breathed a sigh of relief. However, I will not tolerate such activity while you are in my employ. Do you understand?

The panda held up a cardboard sign that had Japanese kanjii written over it. “It means yes,” Logan translated. Where does he get those signs from?

Wild Horse X, Chapter 2

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