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"If you don't tell me what this idea is in the next few minutes, I'm going to start becoming annoyed."

"Right, well we're going to put a tiny dent in Harry's wine surplus by delivering a special crate of it to every resident of Privet Drive, all except one that is. Did I forget to mention these bottles have specially printed labels with Harry's picture on them? The crate also has a picture of him standing in front of the Potter ch√Ęteau."

Emma was trying to imagine how the Dursleys would react to that when Dan provided the kicker. "There is also a letter attached, thanking everyone for making his stay in Privet Drive such a pleasant one. It goes on to explain that Harry won't be back in Privet Drive as he's taken up his family title and will now live abroad. The letter is signed Lord Harry James Potter and has his family crest embossed into the paper."

Emma's eyes were sparkling as she anticipated the consequences for the Dursleys. News like that would spread like wildfire over the entire community of Little Whining. The Dursleys would find themselves bombarded with questions at every turn, questions they had no answers for. That, combined with discovering their nephew is a wealthy lord who they threw out their house, would go a little way to extracting some revenge for Harry.

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