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The ‘muggles’ say a picture paints a thousand words, however where the Wizarding world was concerned, a picture could quite literally say a thousand words. In a few cases it was indeed rather difficult to get them to shut up.

Timion as a wizard had been loud, exuberant, the sort of person who could fill a whole room with the force of his laugh… a laugh that you heard and imagined coming from the mouth of a jolly fat man in a red outfit with fluffy white trim.

Unfortunately, his very manner annoyed Malfoy Senior and early into the first war, Deatheaters had paid a visit and removed his tongue. Timion still enjoyed life, but he learned the value of silence… then he was honoured with a portrait on the walls of Hogwarts.

A portrait found and recognised by a set of twins. A portrait that like its original enjoyed a good prank or two… and also had a very protective fatherly streak. A portrait that had no problems getting involved when the twins began their own version of ‘upgraded’ wards for Hogwarts.

Unbeknownst to the stealthily invading Deatheaters, the twins had remembered one of the basic rules of concealment… hardly anyone ever bothers to look up.

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