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“The excavation crews have been working non-stop since yesterday morning to have the site in order and get the object uncovered.”

“Really?” Twilight grinned. “Wow! Just how big is it?”

“We don’t know,” Celestia replied, turning to look in the general direction of the topic of their discussion, which was hidden from view by one of the larger rises in the floor of the cavern. “But we’ve already shifted dozens of tonnes of rock.” Her gaze shifted to the pile of rubble and boulders. “Luna seems to be getting some entertainment out of it.”

Confused, Twilight glanced at her teacher, who only nodded at the rubble pile.

Following Celestia’s gesture, Twilight turned to look at the rock pile, and was treated to the sight of multiple earth ponies slowly but diligently breaking the bigger rocks apart by pummeling them with jackhammers.

One of the ponies, however, was not working quite so seriously. Princess Luna was leaning on her own jackhammer, not applying any downward pressure and instead allowing the chisel-head to simply bounce and skip across the surface of the boulder, which in turn made Luna herself bounce up and down rapidly in an extremely comical fashion.

“They’re breaking up the boulders, to see if there’s any other objects inside them,” Celestia spoke conversationally – despite the tired lines under her eyes – while she watched her sister play with a piece construction machinery as if it were a toy. “Nothing so far, but it never hurts to check.”  

“Is that safe?” Twilight asked, watching the Princess of the Night, who was clearly enjoying herself.

“I doubt it.” Celestia’s deadpan voice clearly conveyed that she had already argued with Luna about her reckless conduct on the dig-site. It didn’t take a genius to figure out who won.

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