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Ranma shrugged, and handed her a few of her leaves, while Sayuri and Yuka did also. Nabiki quickly bundled them up and then clipped the two cards that she had collected with her subterfuge to the leaves.

“You don’t honestly think that is going to work, do you?” Souta asked in disbelief.

“Can’t hurt, now can it?” Nabiki replied with a shrug. She turned to Ranma and said, “Now put this up someplace where those two can’t find it.”

Ranma’s eyes lit up as she spotted the perfect spot. Quickly, she vanished, only to reappear a few moments later without the bamboo.

“Now what?” Akane snapped, “Why are you doing this?”

Nabiki said flatly, “Because I really don’t like either of them. He’s a class A jerk, and she’s an annoying twit.”

“That’s still not getting my bunny back,” Akane complained, “We should have just taken it from her.”

“Wait for it,” Nabiki retorted.

“Wait for what?” Sayuri asked, clearly confused.

At that moment, a commotion arose from either end of the row of booths. Shortly, they heard an alto voice crying, “Mikado, my darling, where are you?” A cry that was soon answered by a hoarse male shout, “I am coming, my belovéd.”

Ranma began to giggle, as she had already figured out what was going to happen, while Nabiki looked smugly at her friends.

“I suggest we step back against the booths,” Souta said, pushing them away from the middle of the promenade, and towards the safety of the sidelines, “I don’t expect this to be pretty.”

Ranma, the Second Time Around, Chapter 92

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