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Ignoring the weirdness of the magical talking sword for the moment, Shinji forced himself back to his feet. The girl was no ordinary mage. He thought about just letting her beat on him for a while, it wasn't like there was much that could be done to kill him, but in the rejected it due to the inconvenient period of convalescence. Louise would not be pleased.

Deep inside him, something wanted to roar. He wanted to just surrender to the rage, to show the world the foolishness of drawing the notice of something such as him. He swayed on his feet. Gritting his teeth, he forced it back. Man in some deep part was still an animal, and that old, primal power sluiced through the normal barriers that separated his external awareness from the greater mass of humanity, of his core identity, inside the Well of Souls.

He was the vessel of humanity, and while that existence had its own limits, no one could deny him that he was only human by choice and their blessing. He was also all the hatred of a world that was broken and violated.

'Oh my gods.' the boy realized with horror. 'I'm a kaiju.'

Points of Familiarity, Chapter 3

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