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"Hi, guys." It seemed that a giant Usagi had joined the other two angel replacements. "Could you just let me through, I need to go there."

"Nah, Shinji says not to." Ichigo repeated Ranma's advice.

"It looks like we're angels this loop." Ranma added.

"Well, it's a change from wizards." Usagi commented. After a Hogwarts loop followed by a Nanoha loop and a Negima loop even magic became sort of boring.

"What do you think will the normal humans do?" Ichigo asked.

"I don't know. I hope they don't try to disguise the Evangelions as one of us. That would be creepy." Answered Ranma who had the most experience with really stupid ideas.

"Dam it!" Shinji heard Misato comment the dialogue. Apparently she had already started making plans.

"We could go there and help them somehow." Usagi suggested.

There was a long pause and the sound of two incredulous looks.

"Oh, on second thought, let's not go to Tokyo-3. It's a silly place." Usagi conceded.

Shinji briefly wondered what the opposite of this loop would look like – human-sized angels instead of the anchors during their normal loops – and then relaxed. This loop would be much easier than the one where Ranma had replaced Gendo. Gendo's normal intimidating pose plus that infuriating smirk could really make anyone's blood boil.

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