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Firstly is a warning; while I am gone there will be an interim Hokage running the village in my absence and I want you to behave while he's around Naruto-kun", the severity in Sarutobi's usually jovial tone made the boy in question sit up and pay attention as the old man finished, "he'll doubtless want to talk to you himself while I'm away and you'll have to mind your manners while he's wearing the hat. He is an old shinobi and one who was at one time my rival for this post, so no running in and ignoring protocol like you usually do and, funny though it might be, comparisons between my temporary replacement and certain cartoon characters are not to be made, or at least not to be made where he can hear them".

It took a few seconds for the jinchuuriki to join the dots before he hastily had to clap both hands over his mouth, biting back on a snicker of laughter as the reminder of the council meeting came back to him and he pictured the bandaged man sat upon his jiji's seat with a giggle,

"You mean Mumm-Ra, uh", he tailed off quickly at the Hokage's sharp look and tried again, "sorry jiji, I forgot his name".

"It'll be Danzo-sama to you I'm afraid Naruto-kun".

"Okay then, Danzo-sama's going to be the interim Hokage? Okay then, nothing I can do about that, but if you come back and find the Hokage tower replaced by a big black pyramid I reserve the right to point and say I told you so". The thought, as well as the reaction Danzo might have had should the old war-horse hear of such casual slander, was enough to make the Sandaime chuckle for a minute before he regained his former composure,

The Mouse of Konoha, Chapter 17

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