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"But what're we going to do?" Hermione fretted, the Gryffindor Girl wringing her hands in concern as they raced towards the corridor, Crabbe and Goyle bringing up the rear like an armed escort "Without Dumbledore…"

"We don't need Dumbledore." Herwald countered "I already know what to expect in terms of defenses, they're all spells which First Years would be familiar with, other than Hagrid's Cerberus, and you can deal with THOSE simply by playing some music."

"If you're expecting me to sing the infernal canine a lullaby, Herwald, you're sadly mistaken." Draco countered, looking at his friend with wry amusement as the boy blinked "Don't looked so shocked, I KNOW you Herwald you're going after the stone yourself. Well not if I have a thing to say about it, we Malfoy's don't abandon our friends lightly."

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