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"Gai, please don't do this to me!" Kakashi plead once again. He was currently on his hands and knees in the taijutsu expert's home, hugging Gai's legs and begging for the green-clad man to reconsider. "Please! I'll do anything! I'll teach your students ninjutsu, let that Hyuuga kid close my tenketsu, provide moving targets for that panda-girl on your team, spar with Lee, anything!" Kakashi looked up to the giant, rock of a man who was staring down passively, no emotion on his frighteningly-stoic face.

"You have brought this upon yourself, Kakashi. You are my friend. My best friend, at that," he said, his voice softening just enough at the end that Kakashi was not sure if he imagined it or not. "I can not allow you to fall prey to yourself or your inner ... whatever you would call that inner you that is into that erotica. My decision stands." Using his impressive strength, Gai simply stepped away from Kakashi's sobbing form, breaking the iron hold the Copycat Ninja had around his legs and opened his door.

"You are prepared and I have given you what you shall need. You will follow the path I have set out for you, or you will find yourself at my mercy. And I assure you Kakashi, I will not allow my pity for you to cloud my actions." Gai watched impassively as Kakashi struggled to his feet, the orange leg warmers around his calves actually frighteningly comfortable, but the ones around his forearms and the weighted belt and flak jacket kept his legs wobbling.

Reforging The Past, Chapter 5

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