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"The first step towards true wisdom..." Nabiki began.

" first acknowledging how little you know," Ku Lon finished. "The second step, is understanding that knowledge and experience are not the same thing, nor do they always come together and neither is fully dependent upon the passage of time. Why... some of the wisest words I'd ever heard spoken, were uttered from the lips of a four-year-old child."

"Really, Great-grandmother?" Xian Pu asked. "What were these words and who spoke them?"

"You spoke them, Child!" Ku Lon cackled. "Right after getting into your great-aunt's spice garden and making a mess of it. You just stood there, your face all red, your cheeks and lips swollen; sweat pouring off you as your great-aunt wound down from scolding you for making such a mess of her garden. And when she asked if you had learned you lesson and what that lesson had been, you stated, and I quote: Don't eat the little green-and-red peppers, they're HOT!"

As Xian Pu flushed bright red in embarrassment, Ku Lon continued to cackle and snickers made their way about the other occupants of the room, easing the previous tensions somewhat.

Love of a Cheetah, Chapter 3

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