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Viktor's face falls, barely. "Oh. So you and Harry are a real couple? Press and truth are often far divided. Is confusing when they are correct. Also, you seem close to each other."

Hermione shakes her tangled curls briefly. "It's not that Holly and I aren't close, it's just... she's not my type."

"Yah, Hermione likes a quiet evening with a good book. I'm usually plotting the downfall of society."

Viktor gives Holly a concerned scowl. Neville looks up for a moment, shrugs and then continues with his lunch.

Hermione and Holly share a look before Holly continues. "...or learning card tricks. I can never remember. Anyway, Viktor. I can't help you either, as I'm going with Neville."

Hermione smiles at Holly in surprise and Neville looks up from eating his stew with a slight panic. "I am? I m-mean, you are?"

Holly looks down at her wristwatch.

"Yeah, Nev. Remember, there's a reason I got better marks in Divination than you. You should be asking me aaaany second now."

Holly Evans and the Spiral Path, Chapter 43

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