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"Oh!" Shirou tapped a fist into an open palm in realization. "Wait, those dreams were real? I thought I had just spent too much time around places named after Ilias."

"You…" Ilia found herself honestly at a loss for words. "I told you it wasn't a dream over and over again! I even attacked you in your visions when you ignored me!"

"Well, yeah you told me, but wouldn't a dream claim it's not a dream? And I was never damaged when I woke up," Shirou defended his past decision to ignore the Ilias dreams rather well, and Ilias twitched again.

"He makes a good point," Alice chimed in, feeling vaguely satisfied with how this conversation was turning out.

"There is no need for your interference, Monster Lord Arisufi," Ilias declared, not at all appreciating Alice's careful insight. "And if a vision of a goddess appears in your sleep, shouldn't you be the least bit more receptive to the quest they give you?"

"Well, no," Shirou frowned, shaking his head slowly as he considered her words. "Actually, only crazy people really do that."

Ilias stared at him for a moment, twitching again. She had spent months trying to get this strange interloper in her domain to do her will, and now he was admitting that he had never even once considered her orders anything more than dreams.

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