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How was your patrol?”

“Eventful,” Miz sighed heavily, raising one hand gently to push the raven-haired pigtailed youth. He shot a look over his shoulder at the gesture as Miz continued, “While bringing this one back here, we ran into a group of slavers. Thanks to this young man we managed to escape, while rescuing Princess Fatora as well.”

“So that's why the princess was gone! The official word was that she'd been called back home to deal with a diplomatic issue,” The redhead commented, scratching her chin. “It makes a lot more sense, now. So she's alright?”

“Technically. She's really annoying,” the youth finally said blandly.

“Oh, that's right,” Miz added, chuckling. “Ranma here managed to enrage our lovely princess enough to cause a small bet. If she doesn't enjoy her date with him, he gets to be her servant.”

“You poor bastard,” the fire-user commented with a chuckle. She reached out and tapped a button on her console, to which Miz responded by filing the boy's application. She met the boy's blue eyes and grinned. “You do know that our princess doesn't like boys, right?”

“Feh, I'm not a boy. I'm a man among men!” He commented proudly, crossing his arms with a broad grin.

“He's not the brightest star in the galaxy, is he?” Shayla asked Miz, causing the woman to glance at the cieling with a look of much suffering.

“He's a black hole,” Miz said regretfully.

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