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"Geez, why do you think she kidnapped this Konohamaru kid?" Ino muttered as they moved among the trees.

"Oi, cause like she said, she was drunk." Naruto responded irritably, keeping pace beside her.

Shino fought the grimace as he sensed yet another argument building between the two. His head was already throbbing from the migraine he was developing from their arguments, which were getting worse every time. If Ino suggested one place Naruto would argue and had to be dragged kicking to check it out. If Naruto suggested something, Ino would do the exact same thing.

It was like the last mission they had been on together, only worse.

"No I mean why," Ino said in annoyance. "He's the Hokage's grandson, only an insane person would actually kidnap him cause they were drunk."

"At what point did she seem 'sane' to you?" Naruto muttered.

Naruto: Altered History, Chapter 15

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