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“Ethan,” he heard the girl below him say, “You don’t need to do this. We can fight Eyghon.”

“No, Buffy, this is the way that works best for me. Now that you’re marked, and I’m not,” He held up his arm where he had used acid to burn the tattoo off of his arm, “I can go about my business. I do apologize but really I have to watch out for number one.”


“You are so dead, you know that, right?” The sound and the voice caused Ethan to spin around and then freeze in place. It was the boy and he looked pissed, and by Chaos there were actually CLAWS coming out of the back of his hands. It was at that point that the Chaos mage remembered that part of the costume and realized that apparently the spell had gone better than he had thought…too bad for him.

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