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That night, Naruto found Chachamaru folding clothes and Eva reading in her room. After helping Cha-chan, he when up stairs to talk to Chibi-chan.

When she saw him, she grimaced. "What do you want?"

"Nothing really, just wanted to see how you were doing."

"I am fine."

"Good, good" he muttered. "So, what're you reading?"

Smirking, she answered. "Icha Icha Paradise."

"What! How the hell did you get that?"

"It was delivered here by Takamichi last night, while you were on one of your walks. It looked interesting, so I decided to have a look for myself. I must say, it's quite good. It had already mentioned a little about Chakra, and its uses. Tell me; is it true you can use it to extend your tongue?"

Blushing, Naruto stammered, "Y-y-yeah," while the voice of Jiraiya gently coxed his mind onto thoughts of Anko.

"And really, a whole family of people with x-ray vision and the ability to paralyse with a touch. It that true too?" she asked in a voice just made to send the imagination into the most perverse corners of the mind.

Naruto could feel the heat coming from his face as his blush deepened, stammering out another yes in reply, the voice of Jiraiya reminding him of Hinata, and how it's entirely possible she may have spied on him in the bath, or even just looked through his clothes at any time she wanted.

"And those illusions, are they possible too?"

"Yes!" Naruto shouted as he bolted down the stairs, unwilling to hear anymore, leaving behind a cackling Eva. After she had calmed down, she picked the book up once again and continued to read. Who knows what else she was in this book that she could use to tease Naruto with. Besides that, it also gave her a little insight to his culture. 'The sex-scenes aren't bad either' she thought with a blush.

Kitsune on Campus, Chapter 14

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