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Gathering about the prefab wooden buildings that looked suspiciously like mobile homes, but which their maps marked as troop barracks, the slightly moist vampires of the advance squad positioned their moldering selves.

They would have been significantly less confident of the whole deal if they knew that Flint's brilliant attack plan had been given to him, in every detail, by the Marauders.

Harry burst out laughing when his father told him the news.

"Hey," James defended, lowering his field glasses. "Most generals spend most of their careers trying to figure out what the guy on the other end of the battlefield is thinking. It was just simpler and quicker to tell him what to think, is all. It's not like they had any great ideas for it to compete with. We found Flint in a bar, led him to believe we were fellow Death Eaters, spoonfed him this entire invasion plan, then let him think he stole credit and wiped our memories of it. Easy. We had to work harder to prank their dorms."

Partially Kissed Hero, Chapter 94

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