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While Kenpachi had stood by, transfixed by the sight, Naruto had blindsided him with a kido blast to the back.

"Like what ya see, eh? I wish I could see what had ya so distracted, but the cloud that Amagumo creates contains a slight hallucinogenic aspect that makes anyone in the cloud I choose see something that they'd find distracting. I've found that even KNOWING they are an illusion doesn't make them any less believable... or distracting."

"Well, that ain't enough to beat me, kid... And I think you know that!"

Though he sounded confident, Kenpachi had noticed even more figures starting to appear in the mist.

And, well... They were as distracting as the first.

"Hey, Kenchan! I'm coming into the cloud to find you!"

Both Naruto's and Kenpachi's eyes widen. Kenpachi's because he didn't want to know what would 'distract' Yachiru, and Naruto because he didn't have the greatest control over who was affected by the cloud yet.

"Uhh... You wanna call this one a draw, One-Eye?"

"... Ok."

Tangled in Death, Chapter 5

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