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His bespectacled sibling pursed his lips. "We've thrown down a challenge, and those mares have accepted." He gave a nod toward Rarity and Twilight as the two mares exchanged a brief hug. "But we need to set the terms of that challenge in a way that is advantageous for our device if we want to win this."

Destiny drew himself up indignantly. "The B.A.T. Nineteen has the advantage in any contOW. If you don't stop hitting me I am going to OW!"

Insanity cracked the knuckle of his fore hoof and scowled at his brother. "The B.A.T. Nineteen is ungainly to wear, has a limited power source, maneuvers like a brick, trails black smoke like a snoring dragon, is about as safe as strapping on a brace of cats and hopping into the tub, and is as ugly as the northbound end of a southbound pachyderm."

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