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Ranma had really scared him. But that wasn’t right, because Ranma wasn’t very frightening. So what had happened?

Pausing in the midst of a group threatening him with a bomb, the Lost Boy suddenly stopped. Rearing back he laughed, a bit demented to be sure, at his relief over having solved it all, incidentally scaring the suicide bombers packing in unheeded fright.

That wasn’t Ranma!

How stupid! How come he hadn’t seen so simple an answer before? The woman who’d scared him so couldn’t be Ranma! She had an entirely different hairstyle! And she was a shrine maiden. Ranma wasn’t a shrine maiden, so that wasn’t Ranma! Besides, none of the Tendos seemed to know her either. And anyway, Ranma was still five years old! Why, that was the age that mothers were still taking their sons to the potty.

He’d been drawn in by the simple coincidence that she’d appeared in the exact spot that he’d expected Ranma to be!

But then a horrible thought chilled Ryoga’s soul.

So.. if that hadn’t been Ranma... where was Ranma and what was he doing now?

A return to his earlier thought brought a fresh sense of revulsion to the pig-boy. Why that fiend! Doubtless he was getting attractive young mothers to lead him to the potty! The depths to which he’d sunk! How dare he go around peeping on innocent young ladies, using his youth as an excuse!?!

Ruroni Ranko, Chapter 5

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