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Scabbard paused for a moment, chewing on a piece of meat before sighing. "If this is about the thief and the zealot, I am already in the process of formulating an answer to the situation to fit your group's…" He paused as he noticed Naruto's face freeze before drastically paling. "I assume that there is something else that was concerning you?"

"S-Shark a-and E-eyes…" The blonde stammered in a daze, causing Zabuza and Scabbard to frown instantly. "Do you happen to have one of those emergency silencing seals on hand?" The whiskered boy asked aridly.

Without saying anything, the green haired man took from one of his pockets two small slips of paper. One he pressed it to Naruto's chest and the other he put on the table, activating both almost instantly. "There." He stated, not once looking at anyone and clearly in deep thought.

For the reader's convenience, the next part of the conversation is done while Naruto is silently screaming the longest and largest swear that will ever come out of his mouth. It begins with a VERY big F.

"That's a lot of rage that the kid is gathering up…" Darui mused as the blonde's face quickly grew red while forming the first letter of his venting. "Judging from what you were talking about, I'm assuming that whatever you just told him isn't good for you guys…"

"If Bee wasn't here… it would have only been our problem." Scabbard stated darkly, getting looks from the Kumo ninja there. "The seal on the table prevents our conversation from being overheard. The one I put on Naruto is extra protection since even silencing seals have limits…" He glanced at the boy who was still at the first letter, but clearly in the process of building up the appropriate levels of rage for the main part of his anger filled roar if the scrunching of his face was any indication.

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