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Sai nodded as he turned to look at the direction that the wind was coming from. He couldn't see anything due to the darkness of the night, but he could hear something in the distance… "He taught you the rasengan didn't he?"

The girl froze. "… What? I don't know…"

"It was in the movie, remember?" He stated with the fake smile on his face. "The one we saw in the land of Spring. During the end, he used it twice to beat that man… Dotou I believe."

The girl nervously fidgeted in place before relenting. "Yes." She admitted.

Sai looked at her curiously. "… Why?"

"Huh?" The girl blinked in confusion. "What do you mean?"

The pale boy hesitated for a moment, picking his words carefully. "Shinobi are meant to keep their strongest techniques a secret from others in order to prevent them from being used against themselves. Rasengan… is only known by a handful of people literally, even with yourself included, and for good reason. He must have trained even harder than you to master that technique seeing as his control is naturally subpar. Why would he so willingly give one of his strongest aces to someone like that?" He shook his head. "I don't see the logic behind it. We are to stick to the rules and guidelines, yet he and the Oogakari and many of our comrades here dismiss them so willingly at times even though it only brings them misfortune later on…"

Hinata smiled briefly. "… It's because all rules have some sort of limit Sai. Guidelines are guidelines, very convenient to live by, but not facts of life. There will always be exceptions. For example, new jutsu cannot be made simply by following rules. One has to do something different, see things from a new perspective." She looked on ahead. "Yet at the same time as breaking the rules, our friends make sure that they are perfectly aware of the guidelines that truly matter most to others. They don't illusion themselves with pride, honor, commitment… all they see is what is there, what is happening, and what needs to be done. Because they don't restrict themselves with restraints that a shinobi society normally imposes on others, yet keep themselves aware of them, they are able to see new ways to answer issues and do things that others wouldn't do despite the fact that it would benefit many people to do so." She smiled. "In the case of Naruto-kun teaching me rasengan… he did it because he wanted me to get stronger and so he did so in a way that helped us both without harming anyone else in the process. Politics didn't matter. Secrets didn't matter. Our status' didn't matter. He just wanted to help a friend become strong." She turned to Sai. "Now can you honestly say that that is wrong?"

The spy remained quiet for some time before turning away. "… It would be nice… to be able to think of things like that so simply and have them to turn out as such…"

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