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"You're the one that took away a third of my age."

"Being younger helps you bond better with the Pilots, and the less accelerated aging the less your body is stressed."

"Yes, thanks for reminding me I'm in a buggy body." Misako stuck out her tongue.

Ritsuko waved her cigarette around. "You don't get to be picky. Rei's had to take various drugs and deal with weekly medical exams for her whole life."

"And it shows."

"You and Shinju have been doing great with her." Ritsuko stubbed her cigarette out. "Even Pyotr's been doing good with her."

"Yeah, handy that the Russians had Japanese fluent Azazel Naval Infantry officers that complemented every one of our pilots and their tactical officer." Once again, Misako was wide-eyed and empty-smiled.

Ritsuko snorted.

"I'm half tempted to ask Sakharov who the next Pilot is. Odds are he already knows."

"You think they've penetrated Marduk?" Ritsuko's smile broke as she began to laugh. "Oh yes... that'd be great!"

"You know Rits, sometimes I get the feeling you're not being totally honest with me."

"We're Nerv. Everyone's related to everyone else and we screw each other in the dark."

"Yeah... ewww."

Ritsuko sighed. "I could have phrased that better."

And If That Don't Work?, Chapter 5

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