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“Let’s go over this again. The Evangelions were re-worked in 2011 to have features locked away for the mental stability of the pilots. As synchronization increases, more features become available as the perspective of the pilot matches the perspective of the Evangelion.”

Ritsuko Akagi clicks the remote in her hand, the projection screen shifting into a cross section of Unit 01, overlaid with its appearance during the fight with the Sixth Angel.

“Level 1 starts at 25% synchronization, which is the normal borderline for activation, and goes to 65%. This is your normal, entry level capabilities. More or less, you are now in charge of a 200’ tall giant robot. Level 2 goes from 66% to 85%, and features enhanced strength and speed, which couples with Level 3 at 86% to 105%, which has increased reaction time.”

The screen shifts again, this time to Unit 01 holding the massive Triple Heavy Maser at Gaghiel.

“Then…we get tricky.”

NGE: Nobody Dies, Chapter 7

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