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Near the forbidden forest, the MozartBirds and the BeethovenBirds faced off, as large groups. One bird of each variety stepped out of the crowd of brightly colored birds, and stared at each other.

The BeethovenBird chirped the four note theme to his fifth symphony.

The MozartBird whistled the melody to the Sonata in C Major.

The BeethovenBird whistled a few bars of the Emperor Concerto.

The MozartBird whistled a few bars of the Marriage of Figaro Overture.

The BeethovenBird sang the chorus from Hallelujah at the Mount of Olives.

The MozartBird charged the BeethovenBird and there was a huge fight. All of the different birds sang a cacophony of different motifs from their different composers, and it was a huge racket. A light in Hagrid's hut came on and curses could be heard coming from there as Fang started barking.

The ChopinBird was ready with a funeral march for the loser.

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