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"Harry, we-"

"Call me that wretched name once more, and I'm offing both of you," promised James. They deflated almost comically, and left the room.

"And I'm belligerent?" James made a silencing motion, and Andron grinned. James rolled his eyes. Dumbledore walked over to him, smiling brightly. He led them to his office, which was warm and welcoming.

"Now, we have to think of something to do about your name. It's bad enough having two going by 'Sirius', but I couldn't take another pair," Dumbledore said, after offering them tea. Andron had never had tea in his life, and quickly found he liked it, consuming six or seven cups.

"Easy. I'm James, and he's Twat Waffle."

"James!" exclaimed Dumbledore, alarmed. "Such vulgar language!"

James raised an eyebrow, then grinned. " 'Twat' obviously has a much different meaning for you than it does for me," James said. "You even say it differently. You say 'a' I say 'ah'," explained James. "To me, it means an idiot. Get your mind out of the gutter, you sick old man." Dumbledore's beard twitched and both were sure he was trying not to smile.

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