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The agent who he had assigned to play Captain Ransom was waiting for him. He was very good. Kilbourne wouldn't have picked him if he hadn't been. He knew the agent's real name, but thought of him as Captain Ransom. Only Section personnel who needed to know his real name knew it.

"Sir," Ransom said gruffly. "Welcome aboard."

"Thank you," Kilbourne said mildly. In person, he was a mild, quiet man. Many would have thought him shy. Adopting a mild and quiet demeanor served to hide his true nature. "I trust Ms. Gilmore will not know of my presence?"

Ransom shook his head. "No, sir. Her quarters are airtight. Twenty minutes or so after she's gone to bed, we flood the room with anesthezine gas. There's a holoemitter in her closet, and the EMH takes over from there."

Kilbourne nodded. "And is he functioning properly?" He turned to head up to crew quarters. Ransom fell into step beside him.

"The doing his job properly, yes," Ransom said slowly.

"Is there a problem?"

"Not operationally, sir. It's just that...he seems to enjoy it. It's a bit odd to see an EMH act like Dr. Jekyll."

Kilbourne chuckled. "Emergency Medical Holograms are programmed to react with simulated empathy," he explained. "It was necessary to reverse this aspect of his programming in order to have him do what we want him to do."

Ransom nodded. "I realize that," he said. "'s odd to see a holographic sadist at work."

The Prodigal Daughter, Chapter 8

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