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Jack found that the Slayers seemed to have an innate instinct for the firearms. No matter which one they chose, within twenty minutes of picking the gun up for the first time, they were able to pick them up, take them apart, and reassemble them. Jack did the blindfold test within the first hour, the Slayers all passed. Dawn wasn’t too, bad, and Xander was surprisingly good.

He then showed them how to load and fire them. After he had done his demonstration, he had a couple of the range instructors and Doc Fraiser start letting them put holes in targets. After he got Buffy, Dawn and Kennedy started, Willow had refused to have anything to do with firearms; he handed them off to a range instructor and started walking the shooting lanes to see how they were doing. The answer was disturbingly well. Within the first clip they were shooting at least at expert level and many of them were shooting in marksman range. He ideally thought about having one of their Barrets shipped in from Earth, the .50 caliber sniper rifle could hit things a mile out and he was curious to see what a Slayer could do with one. On the other hand, none of the ladies seemed to have any idea that such a gun existed, and he wasn’t sure he wanted them too.

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