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"Normal Speech" "Oh Shit." The fop said at last staring into the six glowing eyes of the six miles of serpentine silver dragon flowing across the sky energy crackling across it's scales

'Thoughts' 'I'm really regretting that kiddy porn I made' Tuxedo thought to himself as the draconic author stared down at him.

"Greater Beings Speaking/thinking" "Put your head between your legs and kiss your ass good bye." The transformed Author rumbled opening his mouth and letting the energy build inside to critical mass.

Techniques being used "Imperial Sacrifice to the Thousand Gods"The Dragon whispered with the weight of a death sentence directly into the soul of the of the reincarnated fop before unleashing the massive pillar of crackling silver power annihilating the fop down to his very soul.

Naruto: Game of the Year Edition, Chapter 17

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