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"Any luck this time?" Sirius asked after Harry snapped out of his trance.

"Yeah, I found my form, and no, I won't tell you what it is. I want to keep it a surprise until I transform." Harry grinned as Sirius pouted.

"Alright, be that way. The transformation itself is relatively simple. All you need to do is draw upon the image of your inner beast, thinking about everything you know of the creature, and push your magic throughout your body and will yourself to change." Sirius explained.

Harry nodded and closed his eyes as he focused. For several minutes, nothing happened, then his skin and clothes began to darken and his hair to turn white. In moments, his clothes turned into a tattered robe as his body appeared decayed. A sudden chill filled the room as he floated up. A hollow, rasping chuckle echoed from his cowl as he landed again and returned back to normal.

"I somehow thought you'd be a wolf or a bat." Tonks commented.

"The form surprised me as well. It was a really weird feeling, I'll tell you that. I could sense every person in the house, and I could taste your emotions. Still, the shape has its advantages." Harry grinned as picked up a large glass of pumpkin juice. He grimaced when he noticed it was warm, but a moment later, the glass in his hand frosted over. With a smirk, he walked away.

"Tell me he didn't just use a bloody Dementor's aura to chill his drink." Tonks turned to her cousin.

"That boy has a pair made of solid diamond. I'm so proud." Sirius grinned as he wiped a mock tear from his eye.

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