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Ranma met her gaze without flinching, and for a moment they just sized each other up. Then Kiima sighed, her lip twisting in an expression of mild distaste. "Well, it seems as though we'll be fighting on the same side for the present," she told him.

"Yeah, guess so," agreed Ranma, not taking his eyes off her.

"And since we are on the same side... given the situation..." Whatever she was trying to say to him, he could tell it was hard for her. After hesitating a little while longer, she simply raised her arm in his direction.

Ranma saw that she was holding something very long, and wrapped tightly in an ornate cloth. With a quick yank on the strings binding it the fabric unwound, revealing what it had been covering. Both were staves, one with a circular blade on the end, the other with a blade in a crescent shape. The pigtailed fighter recognized them instantly as the Kinjakan and the Gekkaja.

He tensed, instinctively preparing to defend himself, but Kiima made no move to attack. Instead she took one weapon in each hand, then turned the Gekkaja to extend it toward Ranma, haft-first. "Here."

"Wait... you're saying... for me?" asked Ranma, stunned. "Really? I mean... I know we didn't exactly get off to the best start..."

Kiima scowled. "Please, don't remind me," she said. "But even so, despite our... experiences with each other... I trust you more than most of those landlings here. I will bear the Kinjakan into battle myself, but to make the most efficient use of our resources against this enemy I must find a bearer for the Gekkaja as well. And... I have never in my life seen anyone wield it with as much skill as you did."

Hesitantly, Ranma reached out, running his fingers along the length of the staff. Then his grip tightened, even as Kiima relinquished hold, and he felt the familiar weight settle into his palm. "...thanks," he said at last.

The Phoenix woman's only reply was a curt nod, whereupon she turned and walked away, leaving Ranma to re-acclimate himself with the weapon.

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