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"I've just gone through the last few weeks of her records," Willow said an hour or so later. "apparently she wanted to take a break from pretending to be a human, so she just told me they were going on vacation, went down to the cellar, and moved into the Habitrail. She seems to have spent her time writing up her notes. What I've mostly been listening to is her diary. It just ends abruptly, in mid sentence."

"Can you play it?" said Jay.

"Here, let me just get it to the right place.... she's complaining that after twenty-odd years she still doesn't really know how I think, then she says 'treforkil snoe g'takli ediv human.' It means 'Would that I really understood humans.' After that there's just a lot of silence."

"Play it again," said Dawn, "I think I heard something in the background as she finished speaking."

"Okay... 'treforkil snoe g'takli ediv human.'... Hey, I think you're right, there is something there but it's really quiet.

"I'll enhance it," said Jay.

"treforkil snoe g'takli ediv human...." followed by a faint voice saying "Tflok."

"Holy crap," said Willow. "Tflok? They've gotta be kidding."

"What does that mean?" asked Jay.

"Wish granted."

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