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It had been a nice break from insanity, but sadly, Umbridge came back deciding to really crack the whip. Perhaps understandably, spending a week living as a frog had done little to improve her temperament. It was a mark of Mistress Weatherwax's iron will that she refused to be driven from the castle; Umbridge was now overseeing all her lessons, cracking down on every little thing. If it weren't for the fact that so much of the lesson was manual labour anyway, then the students would just have been sitting around watching the two women snipe at each other. Although it had to be said, Harry and Ron often did that anyway. It was amusing seeing Umbridge so comprehensively outclassed. Even the Inquisitorial Squad were distancing themselves from their overlord now.

However, amusing as it was to watch Umbridge fall ever closer to a nervous breakdown, it was only a matter of time before she pushed the students too far. As many teachers would claim, there is little as inventively cruel as bored or angry teenagers, and Hogwarts was a school for magic… If it weren't for the fact that Snape terrified most of the students, Potions classes would have been a riot, and Umbridge did not have Snape's darkness, just his spitefulness. Tempers were already boiling, and at this rate Umbridge would be faced with an explosion.

The detonation came three weeks into term.

Harry Potter and the Discworld, Chapter 17

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